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About InQuest
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About InQuest

InQuest, founded in 1999, is the largest specialized agency in the field of Procurement (private as well as public) and Supply Chain in the Benelux. InQuest recognizes talent and monitors the market. Our consultants meet hundreds of purchasers a year which has resulted in them having an unparalleled network at their disposal. It is safe to say that our consultants have impeccable reputations. Besides our specialized services, namely recruitment & selection and interim placement, InQuest...

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Our method of working

InQuest has an insight in the evolution of the labor market and the demography of purchasing. To increase the chances of a successful placement, our services continuously adapt with the aforementioned evolutions. Our goal? A long-lasting partnership with our clients and qualitative service delivery. The period from the start of a recruitment & selection assignment to the presentation of a shortlist will take us a maximum of 4 weeks. During this time, the client is...

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Our vision

We believe the evolution of purchasing and SCM will depend so much more on the right people than on models or tools. The ultimate challenge for purchasing organizations is to get knowledge, competences and experience in the right place. Too often organizations don’t yet fully realize what the optimal purchasing staffing should be to achieve the best result. InQuest is your best sparring partner to discuss this matter, today and tomorrow!

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